Ring Teether Template + Tutorial

Christmas is fast approaching and what do you buy a 4 month old?! Not much! So I decided to make my little Charlie some cute teethers and in the spirit of the season I wanted to share with you all my pattern. I made Charlie’s out of Christmas-y fabrics (they’re from my horde and came from Riley Blake but I’m not sure the prints are available anymore) but any cute cotton will do making this a great stash buster project! For the back I used organic cotton fleece from Organic Cotton Plus which is also what I line my bibs with so just buy tons and tons of it because if you have a baby you can use it for a million different projects!

Speaking of babies… mine is crying right now so on to the tutorial!

Have fun and happy holidays!


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Lucy Blaire Ring Teether Free Template and Tutorial



  • Teether Template (which you can download by clicking → here ←)
  • Sewing machine
  • ballpoint sewing machine needle (if using a knit fabric like the cotton fleece)
  • Scissors
  • Fabric marking pen
  • Pins
  • Iron


1. Use the template to cut out 1 piece from the printed cotton fabric and 1 from the absorbent cotton.

2. Lay the two pieces together, right sides of the fabric facing, pin and stitch around with a 3/8″ seam. Leave a 3″ gap in the stitching on one side so the piece can be turned right side out.

Lucy Blaire Ring Teether Illustration 1

3. Flip right side out through the gap, fold the seam allowance from the gap inside, and press flat. Top stitch around to keep the strip flat as well as close up the gap.

Lucy Blaire Ring Teether Illustration 2

4. Fold the finished piece in half with absorbent cotton sides together. Slip the folded edge through the wooden ring.

5. Open up the folded edge to create a loop and slip both tails through.

Lucy Blaire Ring Teether Illustration 3

6. Pull the tails tight.

Lucy Blaire Ring Teether Illustration 4

Charlie’s a fan!

Lucy Blaire Ring Teether Free Template and Tutorial


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