Charlie’s First Halloween + Mask Tutorial

I can’t believe Halloween is already here! I still haven’t done a “Welcome Baby Charlie!” post and already I’m doing his 1st Halloween?! I guess we’ll just skip ahead, Followers… meet Charlie, Charlie… followers.

Baby Charlie

Born July 13th, 9lbs 1oz, 21″

Moving on… So it’s Halloween! This year since I have a 3 month old to go with my 3 year old and we’re buying a house and getting ready to sell our house I figured I’d go simple on the costumes but as is usual that didn’t really work out. Does it ever? I bought McCall pattern M6626 to make simple superheros for both kids using base outfits from Primary but I didn’t end up using any of the directions and tweeked all of the pattern pieces. Go figure.

McCall M6626

Basically everything for Charlie had to be made from scratch to accommodate his teeny tiny baby body but Marian’s things were based off of the pattern and then just altered to jive with her powers (which go from ice powers to princess powers and back again, depending on the day). Below you can find the super simple instructions for Charlie’s felt fire power mask and download the templates I made. I’d love to whip up a tutorial for the little tiny cuffs but as I write this someone’s hungry and someone else pooped so you’ll just have to figure those cuffs out on your own.

Lucy Blaire Super Hero Costumes

Lucy Blaire Super Hero Costumes

Teeny Tiny Baby Hero Mask

  • fusible web
  • red felt
  • yellow felt
  • fold over elastic (I bought fold over elastic because it’s super soft on baby’s head and also it comes in fun colors to match the mask)
  • iron
  • sewing machine
  • fabric marking pen
  • click → here ← to download and print the mask templates
  1. Iron fusible web onto back of yellow piece of felt following manufacturers instructions
  2. Trace the inner mask template onto the paper backing on the back of the yellow felt, cut out, and peel off the backing.
  3. Iron the yellow mask to the right side of the red felt, adhesive side down.
  4. Line the outer template up with the yellow mask and trace around with the fabric marking pen and then cut out.
  5. Load your sewing machine with yellow thread on top and red in the bobbin and stitch around all the edges of the yellow mask to applique it in place.
  6. Cut a piece of elastic 9″ long (may need to be adjusted based on your baby’s head circumference and the stretch of your elastic) and stitch it to the back of the mask where indicated on the template.


Lucy Blaire Infant Mask

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