Introducing Embroidery Patterns!

If you’ve been following along on Instagram then you know this happened:

Broken Leg

A broken bone is a serious bummer in any situation but then add in being over 8 months pregnant and it’s just no good. Under normal circumstances I’m told they would have slapped on a sweet hard cast, given me a nice little painkiller prescription, and sent me on my way. Pregnant? Funny boot thing and “Tylenol… I guess?” Thanks doc.

So, the question everyone wants to know, what happened? The answer… nothing. I literally stepped off the porch, heard a terrible pop sound, and then gracefully fell to my hands and knees while making a sad Chewbacca-like yelp.

I’m told the bone should heal in 6 weeks. Exactly 6 weeks from when it happened I’m scheduled to have a c-section. Awesome. Oh and it’s my right leg so I can’t drive or sew. Even more awesome.

After about a day of feeling sorry for myself I got to work sketching and am now super excited to introduce embroidery patterns to my shop! The first is called Happy Home and its modeled after our cute little house in the Hudson Valley making it perfect for some weekend in the country crafting. So slow down, book a room at a B&B, and get stitching.

Lucy Blaire Happy Home Embroidery Pattern

Lucy Blaire Happy Home Embroidery Pattern

Please keep in mind though, this is just a pattern! There are no instructions aside from a stitch and color guide so first you will need to know how to transfer the pattern onto your fabric, and then you will need to know how to sew a satin stitch, stem stitch, back stitch, and French knots. In case you’re unfamiliar with these techniques I’ve searched for some awesome tutorials already floating around the interwebs for you. Trust me, I would LOVE to have done full tutorials for all of this stuff, and I plan on it in the future, but with this bum leg it took all my energy just to get out to my studio and put design to fabric.

So lets start with transfer methods:

  • Print design directly on fabric backed with freezer paper (This is the method I used. The only difference is in step 4 of this tutorial. Instead of changing the settings to “Best Photo” change it to “Text” because you don’t want too much ink)
  • Transfer Pens and Tracing Paper (For this method you will need to print the design out in reverse. You can find the mirrored version of the pattern on page 3 of your download.)
  • Sulky Sticky Fabri-Solvy (I’ve used this method before for more detailed patterns and loved it. Just print the pattern directly onto the Solvy sheets and stick onto your fabric. Super easy!)
  • Carbon Paper and Direct Tracing Methods (By far the easiest ways to transfer a pattern but also very time consuming if your pattern if overly detailed.)

Once the design is on the fabric you will need to know how to sew the following basic stitches:

So there you go! You’re all set to start embroidering! I poked that one out in my first week in the chair so here’s hoping I get another all ready for you in the second week!

Wish me luck!


Lucy Blaire Happy Home Embroidery

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