Marian’s 3rd Halloween | Simplicity #2561

Halloween is almost here! If you’ve been following along then you know Marian started her Halloween journey as a zebra, before morphing into a scarecrow, and now this year she’s a……. pirate! And a super cute and fairly prosperous one I might add. No tattered puffy shirt for this girl! Nope, we’ve got a slick velvet coat, gold braids, and even a fur trimmed hat.

Simplicity 2561

I’m extremely happy with how everything came out but this year was a bit of a heart breaker for me. Marian is finally recognizing movie characters and starting to understand the concept of Halloween and I did something I thought I would never do, I denied her of what she really wanted to be. That is, of course, Elsa. All Marian wanted to be was Elsa and I said no because I didn’t want her tainted by that level of reality just yet. Wearing a movie character’s outfit specifically places her in this moment and in this time. I just wanted my baby to be timeless for one more year. Is that so bad?

Actually, the answer is yes. I would complain constantly to my husband about how when we were kids we weren’t obsessed with characters in this way and why can’t kids just play with a doll without it having to be trademarked? Then, at my parent’s house, my sister and I broke into a rather garish rendition of Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid and it hit me like a bag full of dinglehoppers just how much of a hypocrite I had been. We knew all the words with every inflection and every hand gesture. Marian on the other hand knew about 10 words of the Frozen song. Maybe I was never the Little Mermaid for Halloween but to say I wasn’t obsessed with this character or that is just plain wrong. There are quite a few old photos in existence of me sporting a sweet Pee Wee Herman sweater that proves I had my own Elsa dress so to speak.

So let’s just say I learned my lesson and we compromised. Mommy got her pirate photos, and Marian got a $15 Elsa dress (there might be an Ana dress in her closet now too). She can be a pirate on Halloween and Elsa and Ana whenever she wants. As far as next Halloween goes, I have a year to practice sewing with chiffon and silk I suppose.

Elsa Costume

But back to my pirate…

I ended up using Simplicity #2561 and it was a breeze. I made some stylistic changes on the front of the jacket. The only reason being that they use a velcro closure and I just can’t do that. If you go back to last years costume I did the same thing and used a zipper instead of velcro. I just can’t do velcro, it hurts me. I went with some gold snaps (from Cowgirl Snaps) on the front which meant I couldn’t do the lace like they had it but at the end of the day I think I like it better. I also bought a belt buckle from Joann’s for a few bucks and used some leather scraps I had to whip up a leather belt instead of using felt like the pattern. Also, on the hat, I had to use fabric stiffener. The pattern doesn’t mention it anywhere but without it the hat just flops over.

So without further adieu… Lady Marian, Pirate of the Seas!


Simplicity Pattern 2561 Toddler Pirate Costume



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October 30, 2015 - 11:37 AM

Jill Brooke - Oh, she is soooo adorable!!

Great job, Lucy!
And she looks like she’s having such fun!
Good for you to stick to your guns and not have yet another Elsa out there trick or treating.


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