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Let’s talk about the awkward issue that is a baby registry if you’re a creative soul who happens to be an over thinker like me. Do I make something? Buy something? Go off script and pick something on my own? Or be comfortably guided by the registry? If you’ve been through this before with a shower and baby all your own, you can find yourself looking at the registry going, you don’t need that, you’ll never use that, oh I have one of those, you can get one of those for a dollar… but you also know there are things you DO need and would love to get as opposed to outfit after outfit for a baby thats only going to be size 0-3 months for, well, maybe 3 months.

So what are you to do if you’re a crafty maker who’s been invited to a shower, the registry seems too impersonal and you want to make something, but you also want to be helpful and not simply add to a pile of gifts that will no doubt become an acute storage problem for the Momma to be?

The key is balance. For starters you need to get your makers-itch out of the way and this go around I did that with a tiny (and completely frivolous) dress. I used a free (yes, FREE) pattern from Made By Rae called the Geranium dress which is perfectly simple and all around adorable. If you happen to need the 0-3m size it’s a free download but you can also purchase the full pattern in sizes 0-3m up to 5T. The fabric I used features cute and quirky little chicks and eggs from Creative Thursday called Chicken or the Egg.

With the Geranium dress I paired a little tiny storage friendly doll with a matching dress. The doll is something I designed for another yet to be announced project so for now she’s hush-hush, sorry about that! They look unbearably cute together and since the Mom-to-be is a photographer (find her at Lindsey Rae Photo) I see these being more prop than practical and I cannot wait to see those photos!

Geranium Dress and Small Doll Lucy Blaire

Now that I’ve scratched my itch to make cute things let’s move on to the second half of the gift which is the practical part. For this I’ve taken a set of my waterproof makeup bags (which you can find in my Etsy shop) and filled them with a few essentials for baby. Each bag is perfect for organizing just a little piece of what is soon to be a very hectic life.

Lucy Blaire Handmade Large Diaper Bag Storage

The large size is perfect for the diaper bag and holds a changing blanket (in a Cloud 9 flannel called Leafy Hearts) which I made by cutting the fabric into a square and hemming the edges using my Handkerchief Hem tutorial. It also fits plenty of diapers, a travel bag of wipes, and some diaper rash cream. My favorite part? Since everything you need for changing is all in one place you can quickly pop it out of your bag and toss it over to someone else when you just can’t change one more diaper!

Lucy Blaire Handmade Medium Makeup Bag for Diaper Bag

Medium bags are perfect for meals and snacks. The length will fit a full size bottle with room for snacks, jars, utensils, and of course a bib or two! Oilcloth gives you the peace of mind that everything in your diaper bag won’t get nasty and sticky and you can worry about washing it all up when you’re settled back at home.

Lucy Blaire Handmade Small Makeup Bag for Diaper Bag Storage

The small bag is the utility player of the diaper bag world. For the shower I filled it with little medical bits for baby and it will fit nicely in a changing table or bathroom to keep these not so everyday essentials easy to access in a pinch. On the other hand, for the diaper bag, it’s a catch all. I’ve had everything from pacifiers in there, to a wet bathing suit, popcorn, crayons, you name it. It kind of floats around  just waiting to save the day.

So there you have it! The perfectly balanced baby shower gift for those of us who know you need certain things, but really just want to make a mountain of inordinately ruffled baby things everyone’s going to oooh and ahhhh over. And if those don’t strike your fancy you can always make a stuffed animal, because, well, why not. They’re cute ♥

Before you go, I have a little something for you, my loyal blog readers…

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Geranium Dress

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