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I am so excited to announce that Girl Charlee, the #1 site for all things knit, will now be carrying my patterns! YAY! They have the most amazing selection of knit fabrics and a fantastic array of sewing patterns from some pretty awesome independent designers which now includes me! Available now are:

Lucky Girl DressThe Cora DressHenrietta HippoFlora ElephantLyle LionJasper Giraffe

Lucy Blaire Lucky Girl Dress PDF Pattern

Lucky Girl Dress in Horse Play on Celeste Blue (which is unfortunately no longer available) from Girl Charlee

You might be wondering, Hmm… Girl Charlee and the Lucky Girl dress we get, but what about the Cora Dress and all those stuffed animals? They’re not for knits. But oh yes they are! The Cora Dress I made with no real changes other than I skipped the ruffle on the bodice and instead used the lining template for both the inside and outside of the front bodice. Its a bit of a pain in the butt (knits always are, right?) but my oh my is it ever soft and I bet Marian would tell you it’s worth the extra effort.

Cora Dress and Henrietta Hippo in Knits

Cora Dress and Henrietta Hippo in Gray Navajo from Girl Charlee

For the stuffed animals you can use any fabric you’d like but the less stretch the better or else they start to look warped when stuffed. You can choose something like a sweatshirt fleece with minimal stretch and little to no added effort, or go for the gold and use a slinky light weight jersey with a lot of added pressure but big pay off.

For this project I went all out using a light 7oz knit which was crazy stretchy and wiggly. To solve this problem I needed to line the fabric first which is easy to do with a can of basting spray. It will add about an hour onto an already 2 hour long project but in the end you get the soft snugly feel of the knit without all the sewing headaches. Just think of a little knit cutie paired with a super soft matching blanket for a new baby gift! Cozy soft perfection!

If you’re up for the challenge then just follows these few easy (but time consuming, lets be real) steps to line your fabric.

Girl Charlee Knit Cora DressCora Dress and Henrietta Hippo in Gray Navajo from Girl Charlee

Lining Knit Fabric with Basting Spray

First a note about basting spray. Basting spray is easy to find, easy to use, and very addicting. It isn’t permanent and easily washes out of your project leaving behind super soft fabric perfectly sewn together. Remember to protect your work surface and try not to get it on your scissors or iron. It can quickly get out of hand if you’re not careful and every surface in your work room will all of a sudden be sticky.

So you’ll need a can of basting spray, the knit fabric you’ll be using, an equal amount of lining, and a ballpoint needle.

Lucy Blaire Lining Knit Fabric

Use the templates as guides to cut the fabric up into smaller more manageable pieces.

Protect your work surface and then lay out your fabrics so one side of your table is for spraying and one side has the lining laid out.

Spray the back of the knit fabric lightly with the adhesive.

Lucy Blaire How to Line Knit Fabric with Basting Spray

Carefully pick the fabric up making sure it doesn’t stick to itself. Lay it adhesive side down onto the lining and carefully smooth it out.

Trace your pattern pieces onto the fabric.

Lucy Blaire How to Line Knit Fabric with Basting Spray

Cut out the pattern pieces and finish the edges with either a serger or zig zag stitch.

Lucy Blaire How to Line Knit Fabric with Basting Spray

Now continue on with the pattern as normal. You will get a perfectly shaped stuffed animal no matter what weight your fabric is!

Good luck, enjoy, and don’t forget to check out my patterns on Girl Charlee!


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