Sew It All TV Shoot and Trip to Colorado

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to travel to Golden, Colorado to shoot my 2nd appearance on Sew It All TV! The first go around I was extremely nervous so it all went by in a blur. This time, having been through it before, I was able to relax, take in the whole experience, and enjoy what an honor it is to not only appear on the show, but be asked back! My first episode was the last in season 3 (I like to say I was the season finale) and although I’ve never watched it (I’m too nervous to!) you can see a preview here. This episode will air during season 8 on PBS stations across the country but if your local PBS doesn’t carry this fantastic show don’t hesitate to email them and tell them you’re interested! The project that I demonstrate is a silk screened duvet cover that will also be featured in Sew It All Magazine Vol. 8. So if you don’t have the program you can still see the project and get the full instructions when the magazine comes out.

While we were in Colorado, Ben and I enjoy a few touristy trips and more so enjoyed the fact that our lovely daughter, Marian, was back in New York waiting for us. This was the first time we were away from her overnight at all, let alone 3 nights, so it was a little nerve wracking but oh the freedom! And, she hardly missed us a bit! I’m not sure if that’s good or bad though. So here are a few snapshots of our trip and a run down of the places we visited.


Trip to Colorado Montage

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