Marian’s 1st Birthday and Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Marian turned 1! I can’t believe how fast and slow a year can go by at the same time. Some how this little thing I can so clearly remember being terrified of on our first day home from the hospital has turned one year old and become my absolute best friend. It’s mind boggling. Here she is in all of her birthday glory. I actually took this photo of her back in November for her party invitations and everyone kept remarking that it must have taken me forever to capture that face. In fact, this is what my darling Marian looks like ALL. THE. TIME. She’s a very serious little thing.

Birthday Invite Vertical Brighter Small 11_24_13Seeing as those pesky holidays are so close to Marian’s birthday I wasn’t able to make as much for this party as I did with the baptism but of course there had to be at least one project! Find the full instructions and materials list below to make precious 1st year photo cupcake toppers and then continue down to see a couple of shots from the big day! Oh and those yummy cupcakes? They’re gingerbread! Marian’s new favorite! You can find the yummy recipe here.

1st Year Photo Cupcake Toppers

1_5_14 Cupcake Toppers


1. Using a photo editing program (I use Photoshop), arrange 2″x2″ B&W photos in a grid. If possible, put a thin circle on each photo to assist in cutting them out later on. If that’s not possible with the available software then this can be done later with a pencil. Next, arrange 2″x2″ images in a grid for the back of the toppers. More photos will work, or, as I did, put something on the back that goes with the party, for example, “Happy 1st Birthday”. Keep in mind when designing the back and cropping the images that the final pieces will be circles, not squares.

Step 1a

2. Use either scissors or a paper cutter to cut out all of the squares.

Step 23. On the back of one photo run 3 lines of tape from the tape runner or however many it takes to cover 3/4 of the back. Next, line up a second photo/back design square and press the two together. Repeat with all of the remaining squares.

Step 3a4. When all of the squares have been glued together, cut them out following the circle printed on the photo side with the scallop edged craft scissors. If you were not able to print a circle then trace one onto the images lightly using a pencil before cutting out.

Step 5

Step 6

5. To attach the toothpicks, open up the bottom of the circles and insert the end of one toothpick with glue on it.  Glue dots are dryer, cleaner, and much faster but regular craft glue will work as well. Just remember that using too much wet glue can bleed through and effect the printed images. Also, make sure to hold each toothpick in place for a few seconds, squeezing the paper around the toothpick end, before laying it down and moving on. With glue dots there is no dry time.

Step 9

It seems like a lot but trust me, it goes by fast once you have the hang of it! I made over 40 toppers in less than an hour. Enjoy and let me know how they come out!

Marians Party Montage 2

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