Marian’s First Halloween | Simplicity Pattern #1767

Happy Halloween! In all honesty, I hate Halloween. I hated it when I was a kid, I thought it was too scary. I hated it as a 20-something, I couldn’t stand costume parties. But now! OH now! Halloween is right in my wheel house. I got to make Marian her first Halloween costume and I couldn’t be happier. I just close my eyes and think about her in her silly zebra costume and I can’t keep from laughing.

Now I will admit I have never sewn anything with a pattern before. I didn’t even know how to use it at first but I figured its about time I actually learn how to sew clothes instead of fudging it like always. I ended up going with Simplicity Pattern #1767 and picking the zebra. I made one small adjustment and used a zebra velboa fabric instead of the fleece that the pattern called for. It’s just a thing I have against fleece, I can’t explain it. The velboa has a more natural look to it unlike fleece or other faux fur options, it’s super easy to cut and sew, and is no more expensive than fleece. It runs about $15 a yard and for this particular pattern you only need about 1 yard depending on the size.


The pattern was quick and easy and fits Marian like a glove! The only problem is it came out so well people will probably think I just bought it for her! That’s a good problem to have though, right? So enjoy these photos and if you need a quick Halloween costume for a baby I swear you could make this tonight and be Halloween ready by tomorrow morning!

Marian in her Costume

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October 17, 2014 - 4:47 AM

Caitlen - Hi! Not sure if you’ll get this but I am a pattern novice in the process of trying to sew the puppy version of this costume. I have done okay up until the hood- could you better explain how you attach the liner to the hood but also make a pocket for the elastic? I swear I’ve read the pattern directions a dozen times and I’m having trouble visualizing it. Thanks!

October 21, 2014 - 6:14 PM

Lucy Blaire - You’re not the first person to ask me about that pattern so I tried to track it down after loaning it to a friend but to no avail. I’m so sorry! I hope you were able to figure it out! I know the instructions were a bit confusing at times. Even for me there were a few steps where I was just like, eh, that’ll do 🙂

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