Quick Tip | Vintage Pant Hanger Towel Rack

Quick and inexpensive tips are my favorite and this is a good one! You see, I have a tiny bathroom. I mean TINY. Three feet wide tiny. There’s no room for things to stick out and very little I can do to jazz up the walls. That means whatever’s functional, also has to look good.

Enter vintage pants hangers. I’ve seen them used for photo hangers before, but what about a towel rack? Two simple steps and voila! Vintage pant hanger towel rack!

These hangers have become very popular so they’re not hard to find. A simple Ebay search should do the trick. Once you’ve gathered your hangers get some adhesive back cork or felt dots (hardware stores are good sources for these) and stick two to the back of each hanger so they don’t leave marks on the wall as you dry your hands. Screw a decorative or simple hook (your choice!) into the wall and hang your new towel rack. No leveling required! Even better!

Good luck and have fun!

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September 23, 2013 - 1:42 PM

Inspire Me Heather - That’s a great idea to use old pant holders and if I ever come across any in the thrift shops, I’ll keep this in mind! I’ve also got this linked to my DIY towel racks post too today!

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