Painted Disposable Wooden Utensils Tutorial

My beautiful baby Marian is being baptized this weekend and with a party comes plenty of DIY opportunities! The first major project I’m taking on is decorating all of the great wooden utensils I bought to match the springtime tea party theme. It seems like an insane undertaking but it’s really fun and doesn’t take as much time as it seems if you stick it in here and there the week (or weeks) ahead of the party. Just don’t try and it do it for, say, a 200 person wedding. A 40 person tea party is a great start.

Start out by masking off parts of the stem that you don’t want painted with patterning tape.

Next, paint your design with one or more colors using non-toxic water based craft paint. Clothespins work well to prop up the utensils as they dry.

Finally, carefully peel off the tape and you’re done! It’s that easy. Just try not to cry as people throw them in the trash. They are disposable utensils after all.

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