Easy Doilie Cupcake Wrapper Tutorial

Pretty. Reusable. Vintage. Yummy.

What more do you need? Vintage doilie cupcake wrappers are all these things and more. Search local flea markets and thrift stores for a variety of fabric doilies to turn ordinary cupcakes into fashionable treats.


  • Vintage fabric doilies at least 6” in diameter (washed)
  • Fabric stiffener
  • Water
  • Large plastic cups

1. Dilute the fabric stiffener 1/2 cup of stiffener with 1/4 cup of water in one of the large plastic cups.

2. Soak the doilies in the stiffener mixture and then squeeze out the excess liquid. Lay the wet doilies over the bottom of a plastic cup smoothing down the sides to make sure they’re centered on the cup. Repeat as many times as necessary to dress all of your cupcakes.

3. Let the doilies dry completely and then carefully squeeze the sides of the cup to release them. Now ordinary cupcakes are dressed to impress!

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